The Speaking Warrior - Fotolia_84455859The Speaking Warrior Offers

  • Inspirational Speaking

  • Business Consulting

  • Success Coaching


Inspirational Speaking

An accomplished speaker and graduate of the Speakers Academy, the author shares his story of successfully reinventing himself after a severe injury.  He incorporates his training in problem solving, lateral thinking, project management, sales, and building and deepening relationships to help others realize their power.  He knows that people with high levels of personal power are happier, healthier, accomplish more, and are more creative.

Speaking Availability and Rates

Success Coaching

Successful Woman WarriorThe key to a successful and healthy life is proper energy management.

This means focusing on doing what you want to do.  Living life on your terms.   Doing your chosen career with 100% commitment.

The Speaking Warrior’s experience in analyzing situations to identify the crux of issues is powerful. The Speaking Warrior is on your side and only works with a few clients at a time all energy is focused on your success.

The Speaking Warrior uses available communication technologies to keep you on-track, remind you of new goals, and answers your questions quickly. The Speaking Warrior’s job is to help you become the success you’ve always dreamed of.


Business Consulting

  • Innovation / Lateral Thinking
    • Finding solutions
    • Discover a new career
  • The Power of Impeccability
    • Commitments are carved in stone
    • Stand out, get noticed, deliver
  •  Reinventing
    • Develop new ways and business opportunities
    • Become happier and live a more fulfilling life
  • Soar with Your Strengths
    • Identify your strong points
    • Learn to thrive and grow your business or career
  • Focus
    • Learn to develop laser-like focus
    • Develop the discipline to accomplish your goals
  • Strategic Development
    • Identify what’s important
    • Getting from Point A to Point B

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