Why The Speaking Warrior? If you are looking for a motivational speaker for meetings, corporate or civic events who is genuine, inspiring and memorable because he can tell his story in a way that connects with you, you need The Speaking Warrior.

Your audience will be captivated, entertained and motivated to take action.

The Speaking Warrior, gives high-energy talks and consults on increasing your personal power.  As your personal power increases so does your creativity, health, and influence.  His talks are thought provoking, cutting edge, and humorous. The Speaking Warrior speaks from personal experience and provides proven techniques which makes for a great personal and professional growth event.

The Speaking Warrior presents a memorable and useful talk to inspire the audience to drop their crutches and move forward with power and commitment.  The techniques he provides can be used by anyone and you can begin using them on your way home.

The Speaking Warrior has taken the century-old warrior traits and techniques and helps you apply them to your situation.

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